September 2010


I love when designers go a little off-road and make their runway shows like the opening gala of an exhibiton in MoMA. Here are some examples that make me feel grateful for art in 3D:




It all started with a phone call from a friend who was in NY for a one week holiday. After googleing and making lots of phone calls, we decided Empire Hotel Rooftop was the place to have the drinks for that night. Since I live around the corner, I was already there when my friend was hopelessly still searching for a cab on 5th avenue. And there, on the Lincoln Center, there was something huge going on. Pink lights, music, high heels, cocktails, little black dresses and the Vogue Fashion's Night Out bags!


I couldn't stop myself from having a peek, and the next thing I know I was surrounded by models, cameras, people getting interviewed. But the moment I realized that it was the right place, right time to be was when a petite blond woman was being interviewed right in front me and somehow I was in the middle of the crowd, just face to face with her. It was Anna Wintour and I was looking like a rabbit that saw car lights on the motorway with eyes fully opened with disbelief. And the next thing I know, she was smiling at me… If that is not the most beautiful way for me to get ready for the fashion week, I don't know what is!


As it is mentioned in ABC NEWS:
"A fashion show built around the landmark fountain of Lincoln Center brought celebrities, fashion designers and some ordinary New Yorkers to their feet Tuesday night.

The event, with a total of 1,500 guests, served as the kickoff to both New York Fashion Week, the preview of spring styles that starts Thursday, and Friday's Fashion's Night Out, a national retail-stimulus program spearheaded by Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour."

Yep, I was one of those ordinary New Yorkers, and I can swear that I also saw Michael Kors, too.



I have to admit that I am kind of getting tired of seeing the skull scarves of Alexander McQueen, that's why I was very excited to hear the Rug Company's collaboration with Alexander McQueen short before his death. The flamboyant collection, designed by McQueen himself, consists of 6 pieces with his signature prints, including the skulls and it took 3 years to make the hand-knotted wool collection ready but it was worth the hard work. As for the four themes he has used - Skulls, Hummingbirds, Feathers and Military Brocade -, he was inspired by his previous runway collections such as the hummingbirds extracted from his spring 2009 collection or the military brocade design from his gold bullion-embroidered coat that was in his fall 2001 show. Totally genius, as he has always been.

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