October 2010



Who doesn't adore the cosiness of a poncho or an oversize knit sweater when the weather gets cold? Too bad you cannot wear them without looking like a little child with too much Christmas spirit… But with the help of the designers, this season you will be seen only in versatile knitwear that you can wear with attention grabber edgy wedges for the night or with flat boots and denim for the daytime.

The most classic one is of course Missoni and its elegant ponchos, oversize sweaters and chunky cardigans.


If you are looking for designs with a little twist, D&G and See by Chloé's cosy knitwear with reindeer and snowflake patterns are the perfect way to go. Especially in the show of D&G; the chiffon skirts, signature bustier dresses in knit, fur boots and oversize wool scarves were mixed in a balance to create a fantasy après-ski world. And the last but not least, the never-disappointing genius Marc Jacobs brings back the Fair Isle in neutral colours and layering the patterns and fabrics in such a pretty way that makes you want to put on your ankle socks, and splashing through the puddles while singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" just like the his fall runway show.


Faux or real, this season we'll be wrapped up all in furs and feathers. Peacocks, turkeys, goats, rabbits, foxes are all the main actors at the shows of Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, Ann Demeulemeester, Chanel, YSL, Hermés, Valentino and many others.

Birds use the feather to moderate body heat and for camouflage - I totally agree with the first one but when you have those gorgeous feathered garments, I bet the last thing you desire to do is to hide. Valentino and Lanvin's bags alone, have more feathers than a Swan Lake ballet.


Turkey feather, calf hair, peacocks, ostriches… Just name the bird and you'll be covered with its feathers…
The situation is no different with the furs, but when there are so good fakes, why would you even bother with a real one?

Feathers or furs, find your match and head for the Noah's Ark.




These days, Saks Fifth Avenue is all about 'Italian fashion'. After the opening party, co-hosted by The Italian Trade Commission and Saks Fifth Avenue on 20th October, the designs of new generation Italians brands Albino, Aquilano.Rimondi, BeeQueen by Chicca Lualdi and Marco de Vincenzo are being sold on 3rd floor of the shop a.k.a the emerging designer atrium. Good news New Yorkers, no need to go to Little Italy to be embraced by the vibrant spirit of Italy, because now there is much more fashionable way to do it.



For me the worst part of winter is the necessity to give up the high heels. Ok I admit, Christmas trees, snowflakes, skiing, drinking hot chocolate and warm wine under the duvet are all amazing and barely the occasions to wear high heels but I think I have the right to not want to look like an androgenic boy for 3 months. I love my rabbit fur Muks Mukluks with the pom poms that I have been wearing for the past how many years but secretly I have been dying to find a more casual looking high heeled boots to have a little change, without ending up looking like Victoria Beckham as if I was just teleported on top of a snow pile from a cocktail party.

Fortunately, the designers have all answered my not-so-needed needs with the wedged boots and rubber treaded soles. And some of them even have fur inside, can it be any cuter?


Miuccia Prada has designed safe high heel boots and booties for both Prada and Miu Miu. For Prada, it is an ankle boot with shearling lining (which is another main trend for the season - the perfect examples: buckled brown ankle boots of Alexander McQueen and Burberry Prorsum's urban chic aviator boots with buckle fastening straps) and a complete rubber heel as a daily alternative to flat, casual, and somehow boring boots. Whereas for Miu Miu, they come as edgy lace-up platform boots (still with shearling lining) with stud details.


Stella McCartney and Rag &Bone took the trend one step further and combined the wedge with rubber sole and created the rubber wedge. Chloé's style also has a casual look, too, with a wooded wedge and a knitted fold-over cuff.

The more trendy and eye-catchy followers of the wedge trend are definitely Acne, Rick Owens, Jil Sander, and Camilla Skovgaard with platform wedged leather ankle boots that give a dramatic look the outfit and transforms the wearer into a style icon in seconds. Especially the almost-too-architectural Acne boots have been seen everywhere and on a lot of celebrities.

As for me, I found out that Muks made rubber wedge boots, too, but I think that would be too Victoria Beckham.

Could this season's trend be my ultimate option for the winter? It seems so, but now I only hope that it is easier than finding flat black boots.


It is a common fact that when you look for simple stuff, you always fail to find one.
Whether it is a plain white t-shirt, a pair of jeggings, a nice pin-tuck blouse, or a simple cardigan.. In my case it is a decent pair of black boots. No price limits. Yes, I am that desperate.

Since the Vogue Fashion's Night Out which was exactly a month ago I have been dragging myself all over the town to find black boots. No wonder I have never bought them in previous years, because apparently they do not exist. I am this close to getting arrested for checking out everyone's boots on the street, yet I don't even have a shortlist of items. And I guess all the designers are thinking: better not to see my items on women under 1.85 cm - over 50 kg, even if it means not selling at all.

Because after weeks of trying boots, all I have is bruised knees from the hard leathers of high boots that are cut my knee cap. Either I am too short and too fat for the boots or they are too long and too tight. I'd go for the first one, I am already miserable enough anyway.


Chanel, Burberry, Chloe, Givenchy, Jil Sander, Prada, Dior, Costume National.. These are just a few brands of which I tried and literally memorised the whole boot collection. I am sure they would all look fabulous on me if I could pull them up from my calves. With the once I could, I was barely able to speak from my covered-with-the-boot mouth.

So from my stalking on the street and harassing the women with nice boots (yes, if you need a spy or a inspector, here I am, fully trained for the job), I found my boots. FRYE BOOTS. Reasonably cheap prices, just the right length, and nice style. If only they had a proper shop in NYC, other than the online purchase option!

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