10 May 2010


Even though it is known as a fashion capital, Milan has always suffered from a lack of fashionable spots.
This seems to be changing with the spring arriving. Yes, it is still raining and yes, we keep on waking up to a November morning but that did not keep the fashion scene away from the opening of Trussardi Café the other day. An event that Punks Wear Prada Family proudly presented.
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Boots, leather jackets were all combined with fashionable bags and the necessary accessory: "umbrella".


Actually, despite the weather, outside of the cafe was more packed than inside and the hot topic of the afternoon was the summer plans and the must-see places. Lots of booze, good music, well dressed people. Finally, my senses were all happy to be in Milan.

26 April 2010

moschinohotel.jpg moschinohotel2.jpg
Italian brands literally run riot in Milan streets with every kind of shop you can imagine. Bookshops, cafes, nightclubs, hotels.. There is no need to talk about the excessive amount of apparel shops each Italian designer brand has. The latest one that joins the trend with a hotel is the lovely bubbly Moschino. At first glance, Maison Moschino looks like an old palace shrunk down to a boutique hotel size. Then when you enter, instead of a concierge the fluffy sheep welcome you next to the mannequins with Moschino dresses.

When it is a hotel of a fashion designer, even the hotel has its share from it, of course. The restaurant is all dressed in Moschino and chairs (or should I say "dresses?") you are sitting on are hung with a hanger on the wall and you find yourself trying not to crease the beautiful gowns. When the snacks arrived with our cocktails in a shoe box, I almost regretted that there was food instead of a real Moschino shoe. Fortunately, that passed when I tasted them.

Website Maison Moschino Hotel

10 March 2010



If you have been in Milan for a long time like me, there is a slight chance that you got fed up with everyday pasta and pizza and want to try something totally different. That is exactly what happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

I was having my pizza, cursing my Milanese diet, when i heard a friend mentioning "Peck", "truffle", and at last, "expensive".

But by the time of that last word, the lightbulb in my mind was already on and that night I grabbed my boyfriend to that restaurant which was actually called Cracco: a fusion luxurious restaurant of Peck, the famous gourmet shop, with 2 Michelin stars.

The meals are totally amazing (or it was for me after stuffing myself with 2 Euros pizza all day) and the best things were the side dishes which ended up being more than what we have ordered.


Fortunately the night had a happy ending when we asked the check and realized the side dishes were all complimentary.

Website Restaurant Cracco

6 Jan 2010



Even though Milan makes everyone think of designer brands, the interesting parties in nightlife have already overtaken the shopping. If you see people on the street at night, walking around like they have just escaped from a sanatorium, do not call the police. They are only hopelessly trying to get into the Punks Wear Prada party. And as the Prada in the name does not imply any connection with shopping, the parties do not have anything to do with the punks either. The PWP group, arranging parties with different themes every Saturday, host these parties in Santa Tecla Club behind Duomo. Every Saturday, British-born DJ Natasha Slater and MayDay nicknamed drag queen (she has more gorgeous legs than most of the models) choose who will be invited in and who will be sent home with a simple "ciao!" depending on the costumes. And you can guarantee your entrance under one condition; your clothes should give the message of: "I am so high on alcohol and drugs, and I put on whatever I have found in my closet under the influence!"

2 Jan 2010



Tre, due, uno… This year I welcomed the new year with adding a new language to my countdowns. In Verona, the city of the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet, under the fireworks fired from the Arena and along the ambulance sirens coming from every direction, I managed to survive through 2010. Weirdly-dressed Italian vagrants that are bursting crackers, Indian and Pakistani artisans, who were far too many in that little town for some mysterious reason, lots of couples at the peak of romanticism and the broken bottles on the ground… Even though the fact that these were the most notable memories of the night shadows the situation, Verona was a city definitely worth of seeing. But for sure not on the special times like the New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day or even the Easter! After seeing a couple in Juliet's house, perished with trying to get married and to have a romantic photo between the heaps of tourist, it wasn't hard for me to decide that the best thing to do was to go for a local walk on the riverside far from the people and everything that reminds of Shakespeare. The only advantage of going there for the New Year's Eve? The a-little-too-exaggerated Christmas decorations on the streets and the street market set on a little square. When I was wandering around this market, I would be able to taken myself back into the enchanting time period of Romeo and Juliet, if only I could avoid the enormous Louis Vuitton shop shouting "sale!" across the corner.

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