June 2009

Happy Birthday Selfridges!

85039.jpg giles.jpg

When you shop from Selfridges, which has become an icon in England with its yellow bags, yellow interior and its advertisements with giant yellow Selfridges writing, it means you have accepted to walk around like a bee hive. This month, Selfridges is celebrating its 100.year and of course a range of immersed-in-yellow designs are also glamorising its legendary window displays. The festival, called The Yellow Festival, will continue with lots of events during the whole summer starting from this May.

And the first exciting news: the limited edition Pantone 109 collection that consists of the designs of various famous brands such as Giles Deacon, Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith, Giuseppe Zanotti, Jimmy Choo, Lulu Guiness, Mulberry, Levi's, Ralph Lauren and Smythson. Probably there is no need to tell that the collection, which Giles Deacon participated with the cutest-ever eye printed dress, is all in black and yellow. I don't know about the blacks but with the yellow designs it seems like London streets will be brightened up this summer…

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