January 2010

What to Buy from the New Year Sales?


You would better get rid of your post New Year's Eve lethargy, because world's most important cities are at the peak of sales right now. Even if the like-giving-a-charity sale percentages -generally around 30%- in Milan make me miss London's up-to-90% sales, the invitation only sample sales here are helping me to console myself. If the never-ending queues or the hustle and bustle in the shops cannot stop you, with Miu Miu's embroidered skirts and mini cocktail dresses, Chloé's flowing tops, Missoni's scarves and berets, Prada's leather gloves, Moschino's fur and lace jackets, Alexander Wang's spiky leggings, I would advice you to have a stylish winter while welcoming the summer in your designer clothes.

The Secret of Carrie Bradshaw's White Dress


There is something new happening in Halston that started to renew itself with Marios Schwab. I am sure there is no one who hasn't noticed the gleaming white dress on Carrie Bradshaw in the trailer of Sex and the City 2. You see, that scene is actually not a coincidence, because according to the affirmed gossips, Sarah Jessica Parker is taking the lead in Halston Heritage, the side collection of the Halston brand. And that dress is a part of this collection, which is adjusting the old garments of the brand with little changes, to today's trends. Let's hope that Sarah Jessica Parker, who is not experienced nor trained in the design field, got the hang of several things from Carrie Bradshaw in all these years, so that it will not cause a disappointment among the fashion world like the many celebrity - brand collaborations in the past did.

Matthew Williamson's Men's Collection


Matthew Williamson, whose pink, purple, green, colourful designs remind the Flower Children, is starting a men's collection. And without compromising the colours and prints. The collection will be on the shelves in February and Williamson is very happy for finally being able to try his own designs on himself. The men's collection that he decided to create just after practising with the items he made for H&M, for now will be sold in London, Dubai and New York. But the brand also thought the people who won't be passing by these places, and added the collection to the online shopping section on the website.

Domestic Madonna


Stefano Gabbana-Domenico Dolce duo and Madonna, who have never worked together to not to ruin their friendship of long years, finally couldn't resist the success (or the money) that will come from this advertisement anymore and got together for the new campaign of Dolce&Gabbana, giving another meaning to the expression “never mix business and friendship”. As the final step of their partnership that has started with Madonna shooting the video for Celebration in duo's studio in Milan, she became the face of the brand for the spring/summer campaign. In the black and white photos, inspired by Luchino Visconti's 'Bellissima', Madonna appears to be "all domestic" with eating spaghetti with her hands, crying (it is said that she got too carried away and cried for real), holding a broomstick and washing the dishes. But that did not stop her to interfere with the designers and to pick up her own outfits and accessories according to her own taste, just as she has done during the Louis Vuitton campaign.


New Faces of Burberry: The Watsons

Emma Watson, with no signs of the little girl from Harry Potter, was in front of the cameras for Burberry for the second time, but this time dragging her younger brother with her, too. 17 year-old Alex Watson, who looks exactly like his sister, is posing for the photos along with Matt Gilmour (the son of David Gilmour from Pink Floyd), and Max Hurd (the grandson of the politician Douglas Hurd). If we consider that this one will be a hit like the first campaign, we can easily say that there is a new addition to the little brothers that enter to the world of fame by their names on the sister's guest list.

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