April 2009


As it is well mentioned in the fashion phenomenon Devil Wears Prada, every single human being living on this planet is somewhat related to the fashion industry. Remember the scene when our down-to-earth idealist size-6-girl complains about ‘the stuff’ in the closet and literally gets hit by the “mentioned devil” Miranda’s answer?

It is, in fact, sort of comical how people underestimate the power of fashion when all the clothes they put on to exempt themselves from the trends are selected circumspectly by the exact same crowd creating those trends.

We cannot deny that seasons come and go… Actually, nowadays they come and go faster than we can embrace the trends of the current season, I admit. And this leads to the common misunderstanding: fashion repeats itself!

As the time between the seasons diminish, the vicious cycle of trends becomes more frequent. So, if for example, 80’s style shiny leggings come in fashion every five years instead of 20 due to the rapid change of seasons. So how do the designers cope with the speed and is it wise to keep the out-of-fashion clothes in your closet just in case?

First of all, we cannot take front face of fashion seriously, when even the designers compete to turn it into a big joke and take a piss at themselves. The industry is a whole different story, but the clothes? It is supposed to be fun to get dressed, to make a creative combination, to merge the old and new. It is not rocket science for God’s sake. Either you enjoy it or you don’t.

Think of Victor&Rolf, Sonia Rykiel, John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood…

The models knitting the outfits while wearing them, whispering to the audience in French, dancing barefoot in silk evening gowns: All from the French legend Sonia Rykiel’s shows.

Or recall the times when Victor&Rolf made a big impact with the bed and pillow shaped constructions (in my opinion, they are hardly dresses) where the model looked like she was lying on a bed vertically.

And I don’t need to mention John Galliano or Vivienne Westwood. Even if a trend comes in fashion again, these names, as well as all the other designers, all know a clever way to make a little change. For example, the flared trousers don’t have the same shape as they had back in 90’s. So there is no point in keeping all your clothes just in case because fashion will definitely find a way to renew itself.

Keep the basics, the statement pieces of the seasons, and limited edition designer outfits, the clothes that have a message or related to a specific period or happening (a.k.a. the vintage pieces). But don’t even think about going back to your old closet for an army pant or a navy skirt at any point.

Because as Coco Chanel said: “Fashion is made to become unfashionable.”

In the end, it is all about having fun, so why limit your sources?

H&M Bu Kez Fiyatları Abarttı! Peki Ama Neden?


Artık geleneksel hale gelen H&M ve ünlü tasarımcı ürün şenliklerine bir yenisi de 23 Nisan’da eklendi. Bu seferki şanslı talihlimiz ise rengarenk desenleri, uçuş uçuş etekleriyle özellikle yaz geceleri için muhteşem tasarımları ile öne çıkan Matthew Williamson. Koleksiyondaki kıyafetler az ama öz sayıda. Normalde 25-30 arası değişen ürün sayısı bu sefer 20′de tutulmuş. Neyseki Matthew Williamson kendi tarzından ödün vermemiş, yine rengarenk tiril tiril bir koleksiyon çıkmış ortaya. Tavuskuşu desenli bluzlar, elbiseler H&M’in normal müşterisinden önce Nicky Hilton, Sienna Miller, Katy Perry gibi bir sürü ünlü ismin üstünde görüldü bile. Bunun da tek bir açıklaması var: Kıyafetlerin normal H&M fiyatlarından çok çok daha uçuk olan fiyatları (Deri ceket 200 dolar, desenli tuvalet 350 dolar).

Tamam, deri ceket gerçek deriden, elbiseler kaliteli satenden ama aslına bakılırsa kimse H&M’den kalite beklemiyor, aksine H&M, ucuza ve bilemedin bir ya da iki sezon dayanacak ürünler için tercih ediliyor. Sonuçta Matthew Williamson tasarımı bile olsa yanında dev harflerle H&M yazıyor ve herkes onu Matthew Williamson’dan çok H&M olarak algılıyor. Açıkcası bu koleksiyondan 2-3 elbise almak yerine gerçek Matthew Williamson koleksiyonundan bir parça almak çok daha mantıklı. Böylece sokaktaki on kişiden sekiziyle değil, en fazla dergilerdeki ünlülerle, kendi kendinize evinizde dergiyi okurken pişti olursunuz.

The secret of Michelle Obama, the new fashion icon


Just until the few months ago, who would have thought that America would have a First Lady that we will copy the fashion style of? Or a president that may be considered as good looking… On the news of the following morning that he was voted as the President of United States, Barack Obama was left in the shadow by another coloured American. This person was no other one than the first African-American First Lady Michelle Obama, shining in the red-black dress from Narciso Rodriguez’s 2009 summer collection. This attention may be because of getting-worse-than-ever economy or may be really due to the elegant style of Mrs. Obama; it is still unknown. But the new First Lady's speed of going top of the best dressed celebrities list was equal to her speed in moving into White House. Jacqueline Kennedy’den sonra Washington’u moda dünyasının başkenti haline getiren ilk first lady Michelle Obama çoktan modacıların ağzını sulandırmaya başladı bile. So much that the fashion bible Vogue, for the March issue, put Michelle Obama on the cover, instead of the 90-60-90 blond, blue-eyed models. Pages and pages of comments on her style, interviews with the designers she wears, tips on how to steal her look… None of these were as effected as Michelle Obama getting chosen more stylish than the model-turned-First Lady of France, Carla Bruni, during the Europe trip.
Yes but when there are so many things going on, how did a coloured First Lady become such a phenomenon in such a short time?
Actually, the secret is very simple: balance.

It is an old cliché that we always hear from the magazines, TV programs; to mix the cheap and reachable items with the expensive designer pieces in a balance.

A high street retail brand? Check! (Banana Republic)
A French designer with a strong heritage? Check! (Dior)
An upcoming American talent? Check! (Thakoon)
A signature accessory? Check! (Pearl necklace)

At the end, Michelle Obama achieved the success by adding her own elegance to the ‘reachable luxury’.
And the best picture that summarizes this is the comment on English Glamour Magazine, under the photo of Barack Obama with Michelle Obama: “Stylish, strong, charismatic… And Barack is not bad, either.”

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